For details of how to join the group, please see Joining Us .

For General Enquiries, your normal first port of call is the Group Scout Leader - James Dunn or Chris Ramsay

The Secretary (email address below) is the normal point of contact for administration enquiries

The Group's Communications Manager is Sam Wood -


GSL: James Dunn:

AGSL: Chris Ramsay:


SL Goldfinch Scout Troop (Thursdays): Nick Higham-Hook:

SL Greenfinch Scout Troop (Fridays): Ian Blagden:

Cub Scouts

CSL Leopards Pack (Tuesdays): Vinny Connelly:

ACSL Badgers Pack (Wednesdays) - Pack Contact: Andy Moors:

Beaver Scouts

BSL Oaks Colony (Mondays): Matt Radford:

BSL Willows Colony (Saturdays): Mark Garfoot:

Group Executive

Chairman: Dan Warren:

Treasurer: Alison Moors:

Secretary: Cristina Marinoni:

Subscriptions: Vandana Bloomfield:


Quartermaster: Ian Blagden:


Web Site

Webmaster: Tim Booth: